The EU-funded “Mayors for Economic Growth” Pioneer Projects of Moldova get together for the 2nd networking meeting

21 березня 2019

On March 21, the three EU funded pilot projects under the “Mayors for Economic Growth” Initiative umbrella (“South Open Gate of Moldova for Businesses and Investments Promotion”, “Edinet – Economic Growth Pole in the North Region of Moldova” and “Establishing Regional Business Information and Support Centre for the Gagauzia Region of the Republic of Moldova”) convened their second networking meeting in Chisinau, which was chaired by Ms. Iva Stamenova, project manager from the EU Delegation to Moldova. 

Each project’s representatives gave a brief overview their achievements and key results since the beginning of the implementation process, as well as talked about the challenges they have faced.
Some of the main discussion points were the sustainability of the projects’ achievements and results, and ways of help the newly established business support services to succeed and have a wider coverage in the future. The issue of ensuring the corresponding hard infrastructure functioning after the projects’ completion is another topic area under discussion. The participants discussed a range of possible solutions which would allow to continue space and service provision to their beneficiaries after the projects are finalized. The Executive Committee of Gagauzia, for example, is planning to allocate its own funds to support the new Business Centers’ operation. Edinet is placing their work focus on ensuring that the Industrial park is occupied by beneficiaries to the full capacity, thus aiming at making the Park operate following the self-sufficient business model. The third project is relying on the professional networks of South Regional Development Agency, which will take over promotion of the South Region District Investment Profiles and the Investment portal created under the Pioneer Project. 
The Pioneer projects teams voiced the need for more support in communicating the success stories and news about the projects’ implementation to wider audiences. To address this issue, the M4EG Secretariat started cooperation with the EU-funded Project “Strategic Communication and Support to Mass-Media in the Republic of Moldova” in order to organize a joint specialized workshop on communications and visibility for the M4EG Pioneer Projects, which is planned to take place in April.
The regular Networking meetings of the M4EG Pioneer projects have proved to be an effective and valuable communication and best practice exchange platform, ensuring synergies between the projects, high quality standards, and best service provision to the final beneficiaries.