The Business Center of the M4EG Pioneer project in Sevan in full throttle mode

23 вересня 2019

Starting from August 2019, the new Business Center for Innovations created in the framework of the M4EG Pioneer Project “EU for Sevan: SME platform for Business Development and Innovation” commenced its full-scale operations.

The Business Center provides modern hard infrastructure, including fully equipped co-working spaces and meeting halls, as well as offers business support services for aspiring entrepreneurs, such as professional development workshops, conferences, networking and coaching events for targeted groups, prominent business, government and academic speakers’ lecturing events, individual and group consultations. Around 45 entrepreneurs already benefitted from the Center’s services for business plans development.

Although fairly new, the Business Center has already successfully filled in a key niche in the local entrepreneurship ecosystem, providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing.  The Center invites experienced experts from different fields to arrange workshops and to share their thoughts on how to improve the building blocks of the local economy.

Five of such events were organized during August, including a master class on "5 Success Charms for Entrepreneurs", a thematic exercise "Tourism Kicks Off in Gegharkunik Marz", a workshop called “Sell” for the stakeholders of the tourism value chain, and a presentation by agricultural experts on possible scenarios of agricultural development in the country.  The events organized by the Center are designed to cater to the audience’s needs and enjoy steady interest from the public.