Cities and municipalities of the Eastern Partnership region will master the nuances of territorial marketing and promotion

17 травня 2018

In the increasingly globalized and interconnected world, projecting the right kind of image to the outside world is indispensable for smaller territories to attract investors, visitors, and talent, all of which are key for dynamic local economic development.

However, according to the needs evaluation of active M4EG Signatories, there’s still insufficient local capacity to design a comprehensive approach to territorial branding, positioning, and promotion.

For this reason, a series of specialized one-day trainings on External Positioning and Marketing will be organized by the M4EG Secretariat for its signatories throughout the region in June and July 2018.

With the assistance of an international expert, the participants will tackle such issues as developing a marketing strategy for a municipality; creating and promoting a local brand and identityfor territory/ local products;promoting a city/municipality as a tourism destination and attracting international investors.

The training schedule is available in our Calendar