Success stories

M4EG boosts local capacity through engaging young talent from Breda University (the Netherlands)

19 February 2020


The partnership between the M4EG Initiative and Breda University of Applied Sciences ( has developed following an encounter at the European Development Days events (18-19 June, Brussels). The representatives of the two organizations have found an unconventional but very promising intersection of their activities: support to tourism development for M4EG Signatories through engaging qualified Tourism specialists – Breda University graduates of the Master Tourism Destination Management Programme, coming from the M4EG participating countries.

The first internship agreement between the M4EG Secretariat and Ms. Mihaela Taranu, a highly recommended Breda University international graduate from Moldova, was signed in September 2019. Ms. Taranu will join the M4EG country team for October through December 2019, helping Moldovan signatories design and implement their Tourism-related interventions. She was found to be a particularly good fit for the job, as during her studies she had specifically researched the impact of tourism on economically disadvantaged local groups in her thesis called “The Pro-Poor Tourism Strategy in the Rural Areas of Moldova”.

Ms Taranu's current task is to analyze the tourism development potential of the Moldovan signatory communities and to provide recommendations and advise for local actors for priority actions ensuring sustainable development of local tourism destinations.

Breda University and the M4EG Secretariat are working to identify potential interns for other countries to provide high level European expertise in tourism development through the local young Masters of Destination Management trained by Breda University.