• Date of signing up: 28 June 2017
  • Name of the Mayor: Irakli Tabaghua
  • Population Size: 125000
  • Status: Acting Member
  • Development Officer:
    Revaz Barbakadze Tel.: +995 558 111 633 E-mail:
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Rustavi wad rebuilt as big industrial city, in 40-th of last century. In 90-th almost all industrial potential of Rustavi was ruined. For now there are working some of little steal factories, chemical and cement factories and etc. Rustavi has potential to arise its economic by growing small and medium business based on innovation technologies, using its brownfields and greenfield. City needs to write and implement a modern economic development policy and action plan, for stable growing, creating new employment. Particular attention should be paid to youth involvement in business development end to supporting business ideas based on innovation technologies.

Mostly Rustavi is specialized in industry and also it is named as regional trade center. The preference of this city is the strategic-geographical location, proper transport infrastructure, close to Tbilisi, Tbilisi International Airport, also borders of Armenia and Azerbaijan. In comparison with Tbilisi and total region the expenditures are significantly low, including living, employee, land and real estate costs.

The convenient geographical location, close to Tbilisi and developed inter-city transport infrastructure give Rustavi the possibility to become as trade and logistics center.

In the latest period Rustavi became the biggest auto trade center in the South Caucasus which is caused by moving auto trade market from Tbilisi to Rustavi in December 2009. The first important investment was made by the Ukrainian Company. The company opened the biggest auto market in the South Caucasus which is stretched on approximately 50,000 square meters and counts up to 5,000 cars. The customers are visiting Rustavi even from Armenia and Azerbaijan. The market is attractive for them due to low taxes and close to Service Agency (where the cars are registered). The local and foreign investment is rapidly growing on the market.

The East-West Highway is situated close to the city and improved railway line will connect it to Black Sea Port soon.

Since 2014 the developing business in the city is actively growing. It may be said that this is the most actively increasing sector in the city. The supporting factors for the developing business are main construction materials, such as: cement and armature are produced in Rustavi. Accordingly, the developing business is the biggest consumer of local production and actively participates in creating value chain.  

Additionally, local companies have good access to international markets, they depend on enterprise tools imported from Turkey, Ukraine, China, Russia and European countries. The last production is brought on market through South Caucasus.

Industrial spheres can be presented on global market if they meet international standards.



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Local Economic Development Plan 2019-2020