Nove Misto

Date of signing up
01 August 2017
Name of the Mayor:
Petro Kulyas
Population Size:
Acting Member
Development Officer:
Iryna Bilda, 380972675345
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A village in Ukraine, in the Starosamborsky district of the Lviv region. The population is 878 people. The local authority is Novomistskiy village council.
Nove Misto is located on the Vyrva River in the foothills of the Carpathians, 31 km from the district center, not far from the town of Dobromil.
In June 2010 Nove Misto Town Hall received the status of a monument of architecture and it is protected by the Law of Ukraine. This town hall will be restored and renovated to the original state and the local government's bodies are planning to bring it to its original purpose - to use it as the Nove Misto Magistrate, or as they say now, the Nove Misto Council.