• Date of signing up: 01 August 2017
  • Name of the Mayor: Hryhoriy Vanzuryak
  • Population Size: 10903
  • Status: Junior Member, Approval Pending
  • Development Officer:
    Nelya Malko Advisor on Local Economic Development; +380503740872
  • Membership Form Signed

Gluboka is a settlement of the urban type in Chernivtsi region, the center of the Glyboka Local Territorial Community, the center of the Glybotsky district. It is located in the southwestern part of the region, 30 km from Chernivtsi.

Glyboka united territorial community of Chernivtsi region with an administrative center in the village of Gliboka was established in November, 2015. The united territorial community includes the following settlements: the town of Glyboka, the village of Mikhailivka, the village of Chervona Dibrova.

The population of the community is 10903 people.

On the territory of the community there are: the center for providing primary medical care, three medical and obstetrical stations, Glyboka gymnasium and lyceum, three general educational institutions of the I - III degrees, two general educational institutions of the I - II degrees, 15 cultural establishments, and a physical culture institution. More than 2 thousand business entities were registered on the territory of community, including 15 enterprises.
The agriculture, although in a border region, remains the main economic factor in the development of the community.