• Date of signing up: 04 August 2017
  • Name of the Mayor: Zurab Jirkvelishvili
  • Population Size: 54700
  • Status: Acting Member
  • Development Officer:
    Zaur Rostomashvili Local Economic Development Officer zakorostomashvili@gmail.com, Tel.: (+995) 577 770 667
  • Membership Form Signed

Municipality: Gori Municipality
Region: Inner (‘Shida’) Kartli
Co-ordinates: 41°58′37″ N 44°06′09″ E
Surface area: 16,85 km²
Altitude: 588 m. asl
Population: 54,700 (2014 data)
Time zone: UTC+4
Telephone area code: +995 370
Postcode: 1400
Official website: www.gori.gov.ge
Gori occupies a strategic site and boasts a long history—originally as a fortified place and a market town, and later as an industrial town and as the economic centre of the surrounding agricultural region.
The town’s location played an important role during its foundation. Gori is situated by the confluence of the Mtkvari (Kura) and Liakhvi rivers at an altitude of 600 m. A castle was built to control the valleys of these two rivers, which are of national importance for Georgia, and over the years slowly became a town. Gori’s strategic importance derives from its location, and throughout the ages the town has served as Inner Kartli’s political, economic and cultural centre.
The municipality’s economy includes the following sectors: agriculture, agricultural processing, industrial production, construction, transport and communications, trade, management, education, health care, other services. The town is home to light industry and food processing, construction companies and shops.