• Date of signing up: 04 August 2017
  • Name of the Mayor: Konstantine Tavzarashvili
  • Population Size: 125600
  • Status: Acting Member
  • Development Officer:
    Zaur Rostomashvili Chief Specialist of Strategic Development Agency of Gori Municipality Tel.: +995 577 770667; +995 574 772488 E-mail: zakorostomashvili@gmail.com
  • Membership Form Signed

Gori Municipality is one of the well-developed economic centers in the country, with rich traditions and experience in industry. According to the National Statistics Office of Georgia, 1623 non-financial enterprises have been functioning in Gori Municipality since 2016. 93 Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) Legal Entities were registered in 2017, which is more by 76 in amount comparing to 2016. Amount of financial institutions is 18. The increase in number of enterprises was primarily in small business in fields such as: “manufacturing industry”, and “trade and renovation”. Main types of products in the municipality are the following: wheat flour, canned products, apple concentrate, alcoholic beverages, ethanol alcohol, fruits and vegetables. There are 34 enterprises working on these products in Gori Municipality, employing more than 800 people. Some of them are temporarily closed or working seasonally. Key problem is the old technology and limited investments.

Gori Municipality has:
• 1603 small enterprises
• 20 medium-sized enterprises

Amount of the employed persons in business sector in Gori Municipality in 2014 was 8411. In 2015 this number increased and amounted to 8970.

Medium-sized enterprises work in the fields of industry and construction. Amount of medium-sized enterprises (with 50 to 250 employed persons) has remained unchanged in recent years.

Tourism is relatively well-developed. Monuments of cultural and historic legacy located in the municipality are attractive for tourists. There are 136 monuments of cultural legacy in Gori Municipality, out of which 53 are located in Gori City. A big part of these monuments is churches-monasteries.

There are 8 hospitals, 32 ambulatory-polyclinic-type facilities and 16 dental clinics in Gori Municipality.

Trade is well-developed in small enterprises. Out of 945 such enterprises, 213 is a wholesale trader and 732 - retailer.

Annual turnover of Gori Municipality in 2015 was GEL 537,5mln. It is GEL 111mln more comparing to 2014 indicators. The increase in the municipality’s economic sector occurred in the following fields: construction (10.3%), trade (72%), hotels and restaurants (11.6%), manufacturing industry – grape, fruit and vegetable (5.6%), and agriculture, hunting and forestry (73%). Industrial development is directly connected to agriculture, therefore, agriculture is an important economic sector of the municipality. Agricultural land of the municipality amounts to 88,190 hectares, including: agricultural and/or non-agricultural land – 29,803 hectares (33.8%); non-agricultural land – 1,219 hectares (1.4%); agricultural land – 28,584 hectares (32.4%); arable land – 14,953 hectares (17%); greenhouse - 6 hectares (0.007%). A big part of agricultural land is an arable land. Production value of vineyards and fruit gardens located in villages has decreased during last 2 years due to unexpected climate change and natural disasters such as hail, rain and frost.

Agricultural products produced in the municipality has an important share in agricultural production of the entire region. This is especially true to the following cultures: apple, pear, quince, cherry, plum, beetroot, cabbage, barley and wheat.

There are livestock and poultry enterprises in Gori Municipality. However, their number is limited, therefore, a big portion of meat products on market is imported.