Glubokoye District

  • Date of signing up: 26 May 2017
  • Name of the Mayor: Oleg Morkhat
  • Population Size: 37300
  • Status: Acting Member
  • Development Officer:
    Tarasevich Tatsiana Vice-Chairman of the District Executive Committee, +37502156 21345
  • Membership Form Signed

Glubokoye district covers the area of 1.8 thousand m2. It is one of the most industrialized districts of Vitebsk Oblast. Glubokoye district was founded on January 15, 1940. It is located in the north-western part of Belarus, in the south-west of Vitebsk Oblast. The center of the district is the town of Glubokoye, which is located 176 km from the capital of Belarus the city of Minsk, and 187 km from the Oblast center – the city of Vitebsk. The district is divided into 13 villages, the town of Glubokoye and Podsviliye urban settlement.

The total area of the district is about 176 thousand hectares. 54% of the area is agricultural land, 28.9% – arable land. 26% of the district's land and 6% of wetlands belong to the State Forest Fund. There are 27 rivers and streams, and 106 lakes in the district, including the deepest lake of Belarus the Dolgoe Lake, which is 57 m deep.
There are 20 natural reserves and monuments in the district, including the Dolgoe and Beloe Lakes, and a dendrological park of republican importance.
According to experts, the geographical center of Europe is located in Glubokoye district, near Lake Sho. The ichthyofauna of lakes totals 30 species of fish, and the flora – over 800 species of plants. The most common types of animals are boars, mooses, foxes, martens, hares, beavers and others.

There are 61 sites of historical and cultural heritage in the district, including 18 monuments of religious architecture, nine fortresses, 23 grave-mounds, three mass graves and urban historical sites. There are monuments of republican importance under the protection of UNESCO.

As of January 1, 2017, 37.3 thousand people lived in the district the share of the urban population was 56.3% or 21 thousand, rural population – 43.7% or 16.3 thousand. The number of employed in the economy is 16.3 thousand people.
Glubokoye district ranks first in terms of the size of population in Vitebsk Oblast compared to other districts of the Oblast, and is characterized by a higher quality of life. There has been an intense development of trade and catering facilities, a high level of housing supply and a low crime rate in the district. Efforts are being made to create the positive image of the district, upgrade the settlements and attract the tourists. The population of the district is actively participating in the creation of the "People's Brand" "Glubokoye is a Cherry Capital".

The type of economic complex is industrial and agrarian. The basis of the industrial complex is mainly food-processing organizations with branches in Braslav, Postavy and Polotsk districts, as well as flax processing and communal services organizations. The largest industrial enterprises in the district are Glubokoye Milk Canning Plant OAO, Glubokoye Meat-Processing Plant OAO, Glubokoye Feed Factory OAO, Glubokoye Bakery Plant OAO – a branch of Vitebskkhlebprom and others. In the area of SME business, there has been an increase in the number of micro- and small organizations. Agro-ecotourism and recreational infrastructure are being developed intensively, as well as site improvements are being made gaining a high level of resident participation. One of the most popular tourist sites is a unique cultural and dendrological complex in Mosar village, the farmsteads of the district are of a great demand as well – all this increases the density of the population during the active tourist season and gives further impetus to the district’s development.
The agriculture of the district is represented by 17 specialized organizations. The share of the livestock sector in gross agricultural output is the largest. The large-scale capacities of meat and milk production are developed in the district. 10% of the Oblast pig population and 7% of the Oblast cow population are concentrated in the district.
Major investment resources are concentrated in food production (dairy and meat production) and services (tourist activities). The most significant investment project is the construction of the tourist and health complex “Plissa” with an investment volume of more than 22 million USD.
In 2016, 1.5 million USD of direct foreign investment were attracted to Glubokoye district to develop a factory for the production of noble substrates for agricultural purposes and fuel pellets of peat (owner – Sisteko-Dvina foreign enterprise) and to build a shopping center on Severnaya street (PM Stroy OAO).

Local Economic Development Plan 2019-2020