• Date of signing up: 01 August 2017
  • Name of the Mayor: Volodymyr Harazd
  • Population Size: 20775
  • Status: Acting Member
  • Development Officer:
    Volodymyr Smoliy Advisor on Local Economic Development , 380347727007
  • Membership Form Signed

City of district significance, the center of the Dolyna district of the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine, the administrative center of the Dolynsky district council. Dolyna is conditionally divided into several parts. Among them are the Old Dolyna, Zahirya, Brochkiv, Gorodok.
As of 01.01.2016 the population is 20,775 people.
The basis of the industrial complex is the oil and gas industry, in particular, the enterprises of the structural units of JSC Ukrnafta. Two structures in the Dolinsky district have estimated reserves at depths of 5-6.5 kilometers - more than 100 million tons of oil. In addition, there are great prospects for gas extraction. According to estimates, in the Early Cretaceous deposits at the foot of the outer Carpathians there is a stock of over 100 billion cubic meters of gas. But it is necessary to apply expensive high-tech extractive technologies.
Dolyna can become a powerful tourist and health center not only of Prykarpattya, but of the entire Ukraine in the future. The city has several promising projects and a desire to put them into life. In particular, the project "Development of balneological (SPA) tourism in the city of Dolina on the basis of the use of therapeutic properties of salt barley from the “Barbara” deposit”.