Cimislia Rayon Council

  • Date of signing up: 05 September 2017
  • Name of the Mayor: Mihail OLARESCU
  • Population Size: 58400
  • Status: Acting Member
  • Development Officer:
    Raileanu Natalia Head of Economy and Attracting Investments Department phone: +373 69525705, e-mail:
  • Membership Form Signed

Founded in November 11, 1940, Cimislia raion is located in the South of the Republic of Moldova. The raion consists of 23 territorial-administrative units, including one town and 38 villages, with a total population of 58 400 people, including 14 800 of urban population and 43 600 thousand of rural population. The surface area of the raion is 92 370 thousand ha.The seat of the raion is Cimislia town.

The raion has a primary school, 14 gymnasiums, four high schools, five school-kindergartens for 6680 children of school and preschool age. 33 cultural centers, 39 public libraries, two arts and music schools, one sports club, one creativity center for children and two museums are the cultural institutions of the raion.

The main socio-economic sector of the raion is agriculture. The main cereal crops that are cultivated in the raion are: wheat, corn, barley, rye, and other industrial crops – sunflower and rape. Out of the total surface area of the raion, 71 124 ha are agricultural land, including arable land - 51 247 ha; perennial plantations - 8741 ha; pastures - 11 136 ha; forest plantations - 12 952 ha; forestland - 11 535 ha; forest vegetation - 1417 ha.

There are 12 580 business units registered in Cimislia raion (98 % are small and medium enterprises) including: 11 216 family farms; 36 joint stock companies; 958 sole proprietorships; 363 limited liability companies.

The industrial sector of the raion consists of 68 industrial enterprises, including two winemaking factories; two poultry farms; 25 mills; one elevator; three bakeries; four enterprises for producing sausages and meat processing; one beer and non-alcoholic beverage producing company; three fruit driers; one furniture manufacturer; and one agricultural machinery manufacturer.
The business support infrastructure of the raion consists of a business incubator for young business people with an incubation capacity of 22 residents.

The following are under construction:- Farm and food market in Selemet village;- Farm and food market in Cimislia town.The following are at the phase of concept development and design documentation:- Industrial platform in Gradiste village;
- Industrial park in Cimislia town;- Packing house; and,- House of Honey.
Annually, the following local and national producer promoting events are organized in Cimislia raion
- National Grape Festival;
- Exhibition and fair “Flower Parade”; and,
- National Wine Day.
Cultural and art events:
- The Towel Festival “I Prosop”;
- The Mask Festival;
- The Folk Music Festival “Ion Popușoi”; and,
- The Folk Dance Festival “Ion Bazatin”.

Several localities of the raion are of touristic interest for visitors: the History, Ethnographic and Arts Museum from Cimislia town; the museum of Selemet village; the Saint George Martyr Monastery from Zloti village; the ravines of Cimislia town – scientific reserve, protected landscapes; the natural reserve “Moisei” nearby the village of Mihailovca; the ravine “Coțofană” – paleontological monument, Gura Galbenei village; “Valul lui Traian" (Traian’s Wall) – a mound of ground around the villages of Javgur, Ialpujeni and Ecaterinovca; ravines with mineralized bones, Cimislia town; centennial stone of 9mx6m, 18th century, Gura Galbenei village; and the Jewish Cemetery from Cimislia town.