• Date of signing up: 01 June 2017
  • Name of the Mayor: David Sherazadishvili
  • Population Size: 53590
  • Status: Acting Member, Acting with excellence
  • Development Officer:
    Meri Abramishvili Local economic development officer E-mail:, mob: 591 40 00 38
  • Membership Form Signed

Bolnisi municipality is situated in eastern Georgia. The municipality is an administrative territorial unit in the centre of Georgia’s Kvemo Kartli region.
The municipality occupies a total surface area of around 80,692 hectares, most of which is flat land with hills to the north. The town of Bolnisi itself lies at an altitude of 560 metres above sea level.
The municipality is made up of 15 administrative and territorial units, and combines one administrative centre, two towns and forty-five villages. The municipality’s centre, the town of Bolnisi, is located 63 kilometres south-west of Tbilisi; 67 km from the town of Rustavi, the administrative centre of Kartli; and 25 km from the Marabda section of the main railway line.
According to civil registry data for 2014, the municipality has 53,590 inhabitants, of whom 39,773 live in villages and 13,817 live in the town of Bolnisi itself. There are 26,804 women living in the region and 26,786 men.

The municipality’s population density is 93/km2 and its composition is multiethnic: alongside Georgians (31%) live a large community of Azerbaijanis (63%), and the remaining 6% of the municipality’s population are Armenians (5%), Russians, Greeks and Ossetians.

Most (61%) of the municipality’s inhabitants are self-employed farmers, who busy themselves with animal husbandry, arable farming, horticulture and wine-making. Other significant areas of employment include the public sector (14%), heavy and light industry (8%), construction (7%) and education (5%).

Local Economic Development Plan 2019-2020