The Mayors for Economic Growth Initiative gains momentum in the Eastern Partnership region.

02 October 2017

As of September 2017, the total number of signatories to the Initiative reached 193 members regionwide. A number of Signing Ceremonies for the new M4EG members were held throughout the region, with M4EG certificates awarded to each Signatory to recognize their joining the regional network of like-minded professionals, who have committed to jointly work on the local economic development interventions for the benefit of their citizens and territories in general.

The Mayors for Economic Growth Secretariat through its Country Coordinators has established solid local partner networks including the active national associations of local authorities, signatories to the Covenant of Mayors East, interested local administrations, many of which have become new M4EG members.

Cornerstone project information materials have been printed as full colour publications in the national languages and distributed in the participating countries to ensure equal access to information to all who wish to join the Initiative, or form some other kind of mutually beneficial partnerships with its members.