M4EG Pioneer Project Launch in Gagauzia

28 March 2018

On 28 March 2018, the Executive Committee of ATU Gagauzia in cooperation with the EU Delegation in Moldova held an event called “The EU Assistance for the Development of ATU Gagauzia”.

The event aimed to present currently active EU funded projects in Gagauzia to wider audiences, and to offer the projects beneficiaries the opportunity to share their success stories and experience. High level officials, such as Mr. Pavel Filip, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova; Ms. Irina Vlah, the Bashcan of ATU Gagauzia; His Excellency, Petr Michalko, Head of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova attended the event and delivered welcome speeches.  As stated by the EU Ambassador: “The EU is committed to support the economic development of the region by helping the SMEs and the business development. In turn, this leads to the job creation and improvement of the standards of living of residents”.

At the “projects’ exhibitions”, over 200 participants had an opportunity to visit the M4EG Initiative stand and to learn more about M4EG activities. Most of the attendees were representatives of the Central and Local Authorities, Regional Development Agency in Gagauzia, NGOs and SMEs that benefited from the EU support, business support infrastructure and development partners.

Tatiana Donceva, the Head of the Economic Department at the Executive Committee in ATU Gagauzia, presented the M4EG pioneer project in Gagauzia, “Establishing Regional Business Information and Support Centre for the Gagauzia Region of the Republic of Moldova”. The overall objective of the project is to improve the living standards of residents in the Gagauzia region of Moldova through job creation, reduction of migration, and overall economic improvement of the region, while the local public administration strengthens its role of an active facilitator for economic growth and inclusion.

The event culminated with the EU Ambassador handing over the commemorative plaque for the pioneer project to the Bashkan of Gagauzia.