M4EG Initiative supports the local authorities from the Republic of Moldova in the elaboration of the Local Economic Development (LED) Plans

16 January 2018

Four regional workshops were organised during 16-19 January to discuss with the LED officers from the mayoralties and district councils about the elaboration process of the LED Plans.

Currently, the 17 signatories to the Mayors for Economic Growth Initiative are at the first stage of the Plans elaboration. They were invited to the regional workshops to do an exchange and to discuss topics related to local economic analysis and the building blocks, data collection and processing, challenges in setting up local economic partnerships and the place that the LED Plans will have as a strategic document to support and develop the private sector.

The events were hosted by the Regional Development Agencies Centre, South and North and Executive Committee from Gagauzia. Moreover, the representatives of these institutions support and consult the authorities involved in the LED Plans elaboration.

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