The Mayors for Economic Growth team took part in the European Union Day celebration in Moldova

12 May 2018

On 12 May in Chisinau and 19 May in Ungheni the M4EG Initiative for the first time ever joined the “residents” of the so-called European Village, which grew in the centers of these cities on the occasion of the annually observed European Union Day in Moldova. The Village was made of quite a number of thematic tents and stands representing the diplomatic missions of the EU countries to Moldova and numerous EU funded development projects implemented in the country, which used this opportunity to engage with the general public and tell them more about the national cultures of European countries, as well as all the support Moldova receives from the EU.

The EU Ambassador in the Republic of Moldova and the Speaker of the Parliament ceremonially opened the event, and then made a round of the European village, stopping at each stand for more information about the initiative or activities they were representing.

At the M4EG Initiative’ tent a team of 6M4EG staff and volunteers, as well as representatives of the M4EG Pioneer Projects, interacted with visitors (families, students, active citizens, general public)in order to sensitize them about the role citizens can play in local economic development, discuss pertinent economic growth issues, and let people share their vision of the future for their localities. A trivia quiz on local economic development and governance, a contest of drawings for kids aged between 10-15 from Edinet and Cimislia(the two M4EG Pioneer Projects implementing municipalities), general voting for the best drawing, and other interactive activities were conducted, with active participants presented with informational M4EG materials as well as awarded with little gifts.

The impressive level of civic activity (the total of around 300 visitors to the M4EG tent) demonstrates the interest ordinary people have towards the EU supported projects in Moldova, their desire for more inclusion and participation, as well as the grassroots demand for more information related to local economic governance.

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