M4EG Initiative present at the Eastern Neighbourhood Policy Coordination Seminar

18 December 2017

On 18 December 2017 was held the Eastern Neighbourhood Policy Coordination Seminar, event organised by PLATFORMA – Local and Regional International Action and Congress of Local Authorities from Moldova. The discussions during the event were based on four big panels having the following topics:

  1. Progress on public administration reforms and decentralization in Eastern Neighbourhood countries
  2. National and European dialogue with sub-national governments in Eastern Neighbourhood countries
  3. Financial instruments for local and regional governments in Eastern Neighbourhood countries
  4. LEARN – National multi-stakeholder dialogues on development

The M4EG Initiative was often mentioned during the event as being a new opportunity for Local Public Authorities to develop their capacities in facilitating the local economic growth.

The EU Ambassador, Peter Michalko, and the EU head of Operation Section, Mr Aneil Singh, Delegation of the Union European and the M4EG country coordinator, Lilian Danilov highlighted the fact that M4EG is a good tool of cooperation between public, private and civic sector, a good financial instrument where local authorities can receive direct funding.

The Seminar is part of a series of meetings of politicians, practitioners and project managers representing actors and stakeholders in the European Union, Eastern European Neighbourhood region gathered to map complementarities and synergies between all actors, donors and the beneficiaries with the particular focus upon advancing and developing dialogue and communication between central and local governments.

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