Experienced EU practitioners will help selected local administrations in the Eastern Partnership region implement their Local Economic Development Plans (LEDPs)

22 October 2018

While the new Acting M4EG members will be focusing on implementing their approved LEDPs, the M4EG Secretariat is ready to support them with a new Staff Exchange Programme, which will allow targeted and tailor-made hands-on support to tackling problematic topics and issues related to local economic development.

The beneficiary administrations will be identified competitively through assessing their Expression of Interest for Staff Exchange, in which they will justify the demand for external practical support in relevant local economic development issues.

The service providing administration will be identified by the M4EG Secretariat based on the concrete needs of selected beneficiaries, and it is likely to be an advanced municipality from an EU country, or a successful administration from the Eastern Partnership region.

The support will be provided through an exchange working visit of a designated practitioner, which will have specific objectives and expected outputs to achieve, thus facilitating the implementation by the beneficiary municipality of related activities of the LED Plan. This way, the activity will enhance European knowledge transfer to the concerned countries, and best practice sharing within the region.

The Call for Expressions of Interest for the Staff Exchange activity will be issued for the M4EG Acting Members in mid-November.