124 Junior M4EG Members have officially submitted their Local Economic Development Plans for evaluation in September.

22 October 2018

In full accordance with the conditions set forward in the M4EG Membership Form, the first “wave” of the M4EG Signatories – 124 cities and municipalities which were the first ones to join the Initiative – have finished work on their Local Economic Development Plans and are currently waiting for the results of the technical evaluation of their documents by the World Bank expert team.

The Plans, if approved based on the technical evaluation, will earn their authors the status of the M4EG Acting member. That brings along new challenges, but also new opportunities. Successful implementation of the approved Local Economic Development Plan will become a major focus in the collaboration between the M4EG Secretariat and M4EG Acting members in the coming two years, which will include finding new local solutions to global challenges, identifying and sharing best practices, and testing European know-how in the Eastern Partnership region.

On behalf of the M4EG Secretariat team, we are wishing our Signatories good luck with the evaluation and will be keeping you updated about their progress.