103 M4EG Signatories earn the M4EG Acting Member status

The M4EG Secretariat is happy and proud to announce that in November 2018 the Mayors for Economic Growth Initiative has moved to a new level together with its first 103 Signatories, whose Local Economic Development Plans were approved as corresponding to the M4EG approaches and principles, based on the evaluation of the World Bank experts. Thus, the Signatories, who received positive assessment of their LEDP, are promoted to the status of M4EG Acting members, and will now focus on the implementation of their plans in 2019-2020 (see our Signatory map for more detail http://m4eg.eu/en/signatories/).

It is worth noting that almost one quarter of the current Acting members have been specifically commended for the high quality of their LEDPs. The full list of these 24 municipalities, which have received a special with excellence evaluation mark, can be found below:

Martuni Community, Gegharkunik Marz
Tashir Community, Lori Marz
Dilijan Community, Tavush Marz
Areni Community, Vayots Dzor Marz

Beresa district, Brest region
Korma district, Gomel region
Vileyka district, Minsk region
Polotsk district, Vitebsk region

Bagdati Municipality, Imereti Region
Zestafoni Municipality, Imereti Region
Bolnisi Municipality, Kvemo Kartli Region
Poti City Municipality, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region

Cahul municipality, Cahul District
Carpineni village, Hancesti District

Pniv, Ivano-Frankivs'ka Oblast
Ivano Frankivsk
Krasnokutsk, Kharkivs’ka Oblast
Nemishaeve, Kyivska Oblast
Slavutych, Kyivs'ka Oblast
L’viv, Lvivska Oblast
Pyryatyn, Poltavs'ka Oblast
Zavodske, Ternopils’ka Oblast
Berdyansk, Zaporiz'ka Oblast
Baranivka, Zhytomyrs'ka Oblast