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Mayors for Economic Growth (M4EG) is a new initiative of the European Union, which was set in operation in January 2017 within the Eastern Partnership framework. The M4EG Secretariat is the main executive body in charge of the Initiative implementation in the region.

Our overall goal is to support Mayors and municipalities of the Eastern Partnership countries to become active facilitators for economic growth and job creation at the local level.

Local administrations and mayors are invited to sign up for the Mayors for Economic Growth membership if they are ready to accept the M4EG guiding principles in order to spur self-sustained local economic growth; work to develop locally inspired solutions; and implement them with M4EG Secretariat guidance and support.

The Mayors for Economic Growth general principles and approaches are spelled out in the Concept document available here:

M4EG Concept (Arm).pdf
M4EG Concept (Az).pdf
M4EG Concept (Eng).pdf
M4EG Concept (Geo).pdf
M4EG Concept (Rom).pdf
M4EG Concept (Ru).pdf
M4EG Concept (Ukr).pdf

Please contact us:

Mayors for Economic Growth Secretariat, Central office (Tbilisi, Georgia):
Peter Korsby, Team Leader
Julia Dzingailo, Regional Coordinator/Communications Manager
Tamar Bezhanishvili, Office Manager
Phone: +995322475745
Sevak Hovhannisyan, Country Coordinator for Armenia

Azerbaijan and Georgia
Zviad Archuadze, Country Coordinator for Georgia and Azerbaijan
Phone: +995577155577
Natalia Efremenko, Country Coordinator for Belarus
Mobile: +375296446954
Mr. Lilian Danilov, Country Coordinator for Moldova
Phone: +373069364073
Olexander Tsepko,  Country Coordinator for Ukraine
Phone: +380950142468